What is the LAB?

The open laboratory of Brasilia-Lab is a collaborative environment for the prototyping of new products, services and businesses within the University of Brasilia-Brasília. We work with active educational methodologies (Problem Based Learning) and our multidisciplinary team is formed by undergraduate and graduate students from various courses, as well as faculty of Technology. We create prototype solutions to solve external real problems that can be perfected to become products or services.

Bringing the concept of open laboratory into the university is a way to encourage entrepreneurial training in engineering courses.

In addition to our physical space, the project ments, the promotion of knowledge of the methods and the use of machines by the students, we provide advice to technology companies and we conduct workshops, lectures and seminars on the various Subjects involving the LAB.

The lab, in partnership with the Faculty of Technology of the University of Brasilia, works with real problems, brought by companies or government organizations, that help to unite the contents discussed in the classroom to the support of the LAB. Teachers, students and trainees of the laboratory work together to prepare and execute the challenges involving the journey's knowledge of the problem to the prototype.